Thirty-nine-years ago today my son was murdered. His body lay in a pile of fire rubble for 6 days. The 3 criminals involved in Mike's brutal murder were never charged. They walked free to live their lives. One has died, one lives in California and the other one lives in Florida.
Poem by Derry to his brother Mike


I was looking for you today, I just wanted to talk.
Maybe we could go fishing or maybe a walk.

Yeah, we did those things before and shared many dreams too,
But did I ever say how much I love you.

I remember us yesterday we were full of life and zest.
We made some mistakes but we were doing our best.

What we shared was a love of one kind.
The love of two brothers no one could unbind.

The cabins and go-carts, the laughter and fun.
Sharing our room when the day was done.

We both had futures wanting kids and a home.
Both having potential neither of us had shown.

I was looking for you today I just wanted to talk.
Maybe we could go to a movie or maybe a walk

The ache in my heart I will always carry,
Because no longer is there a “Mike and Derry”.

There will be a day when again we meet.
I await that day with tears on my sheet.

Your life is gone and your killer is free.
There has to be a way to make the public see.

Where is our system, where is our laws,
murders are free, is there anyone this gnaws.

If I was murdered, I would hope to say,
Please find out who took my life away.

Can you afford to be next, can you suffer the pain,
knowing your loved one has been senselessly slain.